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#70 Tara Sanders (Trauma Informed Yoga) + Jenny Lee Fowler (Paper Cutting Artist) "Surviving and Thriving"

Episode Summary

Today Theresa sits down with trauma informed yoga teacher, Tara Sanders, and talks about the what and the why of trauma informed yoga and how she survived her own childhood trauma and the practices she uses to live her best life. Next Jenny Lee Fowler joins Theresa. Jenny is a paper cutting artist who both talks about this beautiful art form and shares her journey through her re-diagnosis of breast cancer, how she's taking care of herself and feeling the love of her family and community.

Episode Notes

Tara Sanders came to her yoga mat to explore and heal. Having a strong commitment to serving the community and advocating for underserved populations, she has taught students at a mental health advocacy agency, homeless youth, and developed a therapeutic yoga & mindfulness program for a domestic violence shelter in Upstate NY. She is currently working with the Ulster County Crime Victims Assistance Program in developing trauma informed yoga programming that is available for free to sexual assault survivors, anyone supporting survivors, and professionals working to support survivors with their healing. Tara also sits on the advisory board of Exhale to Inhale, a non-profit organization that brings yoga to survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault in New York and Los Angeles through free weekly classes at shelters and community-based organizations. Today, Tara shares the differences between a trauma informed yoga class and a "regular" class, the benefits of somatic practices like yoga to help heal trauma, the film Resilience about adverse childhood experiences, and surviving and THRIVING after her own personal trauma of childhood sexual assault and her father's passing from an opioid overdose. 

Jenny Lee Fowler is a freelance artist specializing in private commissions, illustration, exhibition, event entertainment, and workshops. She snips traditional silhouette portraits and original paper cuttings. Her work has been spotted in Taproot Magazine, Design Sponge, Martha Stewart Living, House Beautiful, Better Homes and Gardens, Garden Design, Southern Weddings, NY Times and other print and online venues. Jenny is a principal artist for the Catskill Waters project. She designed five Hudson Valley Seed Company Art Packs, was the recipient of a Spring Creek Project Collaborative Retreat and a residency at Drop Forge + Tool, and was an artist-in-residence for the grand opening of the Walkway Over the Hudson. She teaches workshops in the adult education program at New York Botanical Garden. Jenny "homeschools" Theresa on the history of the art of paper cutting, how she does it, the intricacies of it, and how she teaches others to do it. Jenny was recently re-diagnosed with breast cancer and shares how she and her family are taking care of one another and staying optimistic, living outside of the statistics of what stage 4 breast cancer brings.  

Today’s show was engineered by Ben Benton of Radio Kingston, www.radiokingston.org.

We heard music from our fave, Shana Falana, http://www.shanafalana.com/

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